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Activities in and around Chiang Khong NorthernThailand

Chiang Khong has activities for families, couples or the single traveler. Explore with motorbike, bicycle, or boat ride on the Mekong river. 

At Baan Sakuna resort hotel with its 8 acres (21 Rai) beautiful gardens and restaurant, you’ll feel relaxed and ready to explore the town and its many sites of interest.

Depending on the season and time of the week, there are a variety of activities in and around Chiang Khong. Ask the Owner Sakuna Mai for suggestions and tailor the activities to your liking.


At the resort hotel, you can stroll through the gardens and enjoy the variety of native plants and trees. Enjoy the waterfall plunge pool.

Collect wild herbs along the stream. Catch your own fish from the pond for evening outdoor BBQ.

Things to do at Baan Sakuna Resort

Things to do around the Chiang Khong Area